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..." I want to thank you for organizing such a marvelous culinary tour of Oaxaca. It was an amazing week filled with real tastes and sights of the region, both in terms of the food, the people and their many wonderful talents. I felt very special getting to meet people in the area one would never see without the guidance and knowledge of Alvin Starkman and Chef Pilar Cabrera. Of course, based on your own experience in the area and the fact you are now living in Toronto, you could understand what would be of great interest to us as Canadian foodies. The Caliente Cooks' Tour to Oaxaca 2010 was a definite success! I'm so glad I signed up for it. Thank you again, Mary Luz." - Rose Murray, Award-Winning Cookbook Author, Food Writer and Canadian Culinary Icon

..." Mary Luz Mejia's charm, insatiable love of food and all-around expertise make her a joy to work with. Whether appearing as an expert/personality or working to create an event, Mary Luz brings a level of perspective, authenticity and competency to any project."  - Christa Glennie Seychew, Producer/Creator of Buffalo, NY's Nickel City Chef Competition

..."Sizzling Communications organized one hot launch for our new product (Guernsey Girl Cheese) and we couldn't be more impressed... All of us at Upper Canada Cheese Company admire their professionalism and creativity. We consider Sizzling Communications part of the Upper Canada Cheese Company family and are countng on future collaboration. (to read entire letter, click here)." -Vivian Szebeny, Managing Partner, Upper Canada Cheese Company, Jordan Station, ON.

..."Working with you both was a terrific experience for me, both personally and professionally. Up until now, I’m not sure what your secret recipe is for working together so seamlessly- how do you do it? And although Toronto is a big city, I was also impressed with the network you’ve surrounded yourselves with and that you work with. When I left Oaxaca, I couldn’t imagine the scope of events that you set up for me. Your organizational skills and professionalism are to be applauded. You are experts at what you do- creating and coordinating events, media and publicity as well as hosting the evenings at various venues. If I was the Secretary of Tourism in Oaxaca, I’d hire you both to teach all of the parties involved here how to do it right! Thank you for all of your support and help!" -Chef Pilar Cabrera Arroyo (visiting chef to Toronto, Fall 2009), Oaxaca, Mexico

..."Dear Mary Luz and Mario: From the first time we met, you’ve always been a true supporter of Arvinda’s so it’s no wonder we had the pleasure of choosing to work with you. Both you and Mario have a fantastic enthusiasm, zest for what you do and a real passion for food, which came through in everything you did. Thank you for taking our goals and ideas and bringing life to them through your creativity and ability to tell a story. Your ability to ‘think outside the box’ and animate concepts into ideas that really work is commendable. Although always fun to work with, Mary Luz and Mario remain proficient and professional.

You’re sizzlin’ hot and wishing you continued success and growth! We’ll be working with you again soon! " - Preena Chauhan, Co-owner of Arvinda's Artisanal Spice Blends and Arvinda's Healthy Gourmet Indian Cooking School- Onatario

..."I was introduced to Mary Luz at a friend's cocktail party and how lucky I was to have met her! I'd recently started up a new food business (Hall's Kitchen) with co-owner and Executive Chef Katherine Hall and we were looking for ways to promote our company and products on a limited budget. It turns out that Mary Luz was not only incredibly well connected in the food world (she knows EVERYONE!) she was a wealth of information and just brimming with creative ideas on how best to get the word out about our new little company without having to "break the bank". Within just two hours of our initial meeting, Mary Luz had already secured our first online interview and arranged an opportunity for us to appear on a national Food TV show. And that was just the start! I'm telling you, this lady works fast!! I'm so glad to have met her and I will recommend her to everyone...I already have!"  - Kitt Ritchie, Co-Owner Hall's Kitchen, Toronto, ON.

..."Sizzling Communications really knows what it takes to shine the brightest light on their clients. They take each project and go at it with a clear vision and tenacity that can only lead to success. The exposure I received through their guidance is immeasurable." -Vanessa Yeung, Chef/Owner, Aphrodite Cooks, Toronto, ON

..."I was introduced to ML by a colleague-how lucky was I. Mary Luz's contribution to the launch of my new line of products destined for every supermarket in the country was instrumental in terms of taking all of my random ideas and with patience, finesse and speed, bringing a magical sensibility to the "raw footage" I dumped on her. ML wrote/edited much of the content for the launch of our website (, our first press release and helped create a robust list of ingredient pairings for Cookin' Greens. ML met all deadlines and generally provided insightful consumer points of view that certainly helped convey a smart and friendly message to the consumer. ML was part of a very committed team that assisted with making the launch as smooth as it could be. Lastly, she and her husband Mario's warm approach to customer-service will not be forgotten. Thank you M and M!"-Toby Davidson, Founder, The Toby Brand and Food Innovator

..."If Mary Luz Mejia is behind an event you have to know you'll have an absolute winner on your hands.  My evening at the Full Moon Feast was nothing short of pure magic.  Not only did I get an incredible food & learning experience  but I also got an evening full of great memories and a chance to meet and make some new friends.  What a rare chance it is that we get to meet people who have such insightful first hand knowledge of food and wine.  I am definitely looking forward to future events!" - Christine Cooper, Executive Director, Family Association for Mental Health Everywhere

..."Mary Luz aned Mario- You are a terrific team that deliver both sizzle AND the steak.  OLA was a really enjoyable experience for me and always a delicious memory! Love the passion and integrity that Sizzling Communications brings to the table!"  -  May Ho Stepanek, Program Coordinator - Compost Council of Canada

..."If the incredible food, atmosphere and hospitality we experienced at the Full Moon Feast at Toronto's Frida Restaurant is any indication of what Mary Luz and Mario are capable of, any organization looking to promote their products or services would be in completely capable hands with Sizzling Communications. Each dish was a masterpiece, paired with an amazing wine choice. And the olive oil tasting led by Dolores Smith of Olivar Corp. lent a rare and exciting learning experience to what was already a great night." - Neil Faba and Jenny Tryansky-Faba, Communal Table (

..."Smart, quick and oh so fine. Mary Luz and Mario make a terrific team and I have relied on their skills with the words for over three years now. I really admire how they are able to take my ideas, thoughts or ramblings and craft them into amazing releases. The dynamic duo... And man, they are good cooks too!"-Kim Plumley- Maven-in-Charge, Publicity Mavens, British Columbia

..."While we're in the midst of our final promotional blitz for Chef Pilar Cabrera's culinary tour of Toronto, I would just like to express my sincerest thanks to you, as well as to Mario whom I know has been involved in a lot of the behind-the-scenes aspects of the project. Your efforts have been tireless, your contacts invaluable, and your knowledge of the food and restaurant scene not only in the GTA, but also throughout Canada, continuously amazes me. Knowing when to tap which market is a true talent. Your personal connections with chefs, restaurant and cooking school owners, and of course the media, has been invaluable in terms of enabling you to pull together September's three-week event. I had not even considered your contacts in the culinary world outside of Canada when we first discussed the idea. What began as "wouldn't it be great if we could .," is now a reality, thanks solely to you. If at any time in your still young, but nevertheless already illustrious career, I can repay what you've done for Pilar and tourism to Oaxaca, and opening Oaxaca's gastronomic greatness to the Canadian marketplace, please do not hesitate to call or write."-Alvin Starkman, Founder of Oaxaca's B&B Association, writer and former litigator, Oaxaca City, Mexico

..."Mary Luz Mejia is terrific to work with. I highly recommend her. She can just get into my head, wrap her mind around my vision and craft words that make my thoughts come alive so beautifully. She is a pleasure to work with, is detail oriented, deadline focused, sensitive to my needs and always delivers. I am a fan of her television work too and what she evokes from the subjects she covers is both substantial and filled with insight. I would hire Mary Luz again in a heartbeat!" -Angela Tunner, The Renaissance Gourmet (Chef, cookbook author and entrepreneur), British Columbia.

..."Mario and Mary Luz are the perfect hospitality COUPLE! Their love of food and people unites through the passionate support of people in the hospitality world, which goes above & beyond expectations. I know I can always count on their support for both sizzling ideas and hospitality! For me, Mary Luz is a "Natural". Her warmth and passion for service to others is unsurpassed; she never seeks the spotlight and is always willing to go the extra mile to help others. Mario is the creative idea machine. Their hospitality social network has expanded on a Global level, so regardless of where you are they will find a way to get you connected and with the perfect communication! Given the rigours of the food industry, it is refreshing to see someone of their calibre out in the field." -Yours in hospitality, RUDY GUO, Spirit of Hospitality, Osteria Shanghai

"That was fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, I just need to squeeze in a few more exclamation marks: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a terrific evening. All three of us loved it. To both you and Mario - how nicely you hosted and made sure everything was going well. And everyone was having fun. Considering that this was just one event of many evenings, I must say that the results were really impressive. And to Pilar - I don't think I have ever enjoyed such a special meal. It was rich and delicate at the same time. I have a new-found respect for, and hankering for, mole rojo! Single, untranslatable, physiological reaction: Yum! What a delightful night. For which we thank all of you!"-Lori Myers- Pilar Cabreras Dinner Event Guest

"Chef Pilar's dinner event at Veritas was an absolute pleasure for us. We love to share our kitchen and Chef shared her culture and wonderful knowledge of ingredients and technique with us. I believe that all that sharing added up to a great dining experience for our guests ? I know we enjoyed every moment! Thank you!"- Brad Long- Executive Chef and Owner of Veritas Local Fare and Executive Chef of My Place- A Canadian Pub

"Ok so my neck is still sore from it being blown off so many times. That evening with Chef Pilar Cabrera was amazing and I really have to thank you for inviting us to that. I really needed to be inspired by food again and that was just what the doctor called for!" -Dave Meli- Head Butcher at The Healthy Butcher, Toronto, ON

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